Food Foundations

Welcome to Food Foundations - the functional nutrition course you’ve been waiting for!

Coming Summer 2019!

Navigating your health can be overwhelming, confusing and frustrating! That is exactly why I created this course. Think of it like the health class you never had - it is designed to teach you how your body functions and how the food you eat affects both your physiology and your functionality.

Food is some of the most healing medicine and can help us thrive in every aspect of our lives.

This course is your guide to wellness. It contains 4 lessons:

Lesson 1: Healing with whole foods. This module helps you uncover underlying causes to your cravings, bloating, poor gut health, fatigue, brain fog, generalized pain and cravings. We cover strategies for weight loss (if that’s your thing) and what foods to avoid for achieving optimal health.

Lesson 2: How to eat for optimal health - for both meat-eaters and vegans, alike. We break down the strategy of exactly how to eat so that you can make empowering choices - whether you’re following the meal plan - or not.

Lesson 3: Strategies for success. We dive deep into meal planning strategies, kitchen practices and tools that help you live your healthiest life.

Lesson 4: Longer term planning - how to make healthy eating a lifelong practice.

Each lesson contains video course content, interactive worksheets, educational resources, a cooking tool kit and a recipe e-book.

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