Empower your genuine love of healthy living.


Welcome to the nutrition class you

always wanted!

In this 5-week on demand course, you’ll gain clear guidance on how to eat and shift your mindset around food, so you can feel happier, lighter and more confident.

The result: you’ll start to make positive choices about your health because you want to, not because you think you should. You’ll wake up with an energy and confidence that keeps you going all day long. Together we’ll help you build a life where you genuinely enjoy eating in a healthful, mindful way.




Here’s a breakdown
of the lesson plan:


Unit 1: Healing with whole foods

We’ll uncover foods causing fatigue, cravings, indigestion and stubborn fat loss.

Connect with your higher motivators (beyond just body weight) to make this journey more exciting and sustainable.

unit 2:
What to eat

Learn what foods make you feel great and craft your optimal food plate - whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian, or vegan. Get meal strategies for weight loss (if that’s your thing), snack ideas, brand recommendations and practical tips to reinforce healthy habits.

unit 3:
Strategies for Success

You can maintain a social life without losing sight of your goals!

Learn actionable strategies for staying healthy with a busy schedule, kitchen must-haves, and how  to navigate restaurant and takeout menus.

unit 4: Making healthy habits stick

Most diets fail because they don’t address the emotional and social aspects that drive your food choices - which is exactly what this unit is all about.

Break through cravings and old habits and patterns that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of imbalance.

unit 5: Turning the diet into a lifestyle

Learn how to eat beyond the Food Foundations program and customize your own diet by re-introducing foods we previously eliminated in the course and hone your sense of intuitive eating.


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Your Investment: $249
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prices increase september 9, 2019

After working with Miriam, my relationship with food has improved drastically as well as my confidence and happiness level. It’s a great feeling waking up in the morning and just be happy. This was not a goal intentionally had when I started but my meetings with Miriam helped me realize what’s important. It’s about how I feel and understanding why I am eating what I’m eating. Going through that realization and asking myself those “why” questions is tough and is something I will have to continue doing but has allowed me to eliminate my binge eating. And losing 13 pounds makes me happy too!

I am a triple certified functional medicine nutritionist. I’ve helped hundreds of people resolve their digestive issues, improve their energy levels and reach their ideal weight through food and nutrition.

While no two bodies are alike and have the same needs - all healing begins with the food we eat, which is why I’m so excited to be offering this Food Foundations class. Health and wellness tend to feel completely inaccessible for so many people - but I find that a ‘food first’ approach is a powerful approach to healing, and I can’t wait to help you on your health journey.

More on my qualifications (i’ve pretty much lived and breathed nutrition for my whole career!)

  • Registered Dietitian (RD)

  • Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)

  • Bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics - graduated from University of Wisconsin in 2010

  • Master’s in functional nutrition from University of Bridgeport - graduated cum de laude in 2016

When I’m not helping other people optimize their nutrition, you can find me hiking at Griffith, eating my way through LA’s restaurants, or cooking / dancing barefoot in my kitchen :)

As a health and wellness professional myself, Miriam’s course offered me insight and tools to enhance my established ideas about food and nutrition. I was so impressed by her credentials, paired with her innate sense of compassion, and her dedication to providing an informative, non-judgmental space for me to learn and grow with the other participants. Miriam goes above and beyond in helping you to get back to good terms in your relationship with food and your body, and I am back to the vitality and energy I had been missing for months, thanks to her personalized insights and suggestions. Thank you, Miriam!
My busy schedule makes it hard to prioritize eating healthy. Food Foundations gave me the necessary tools to make better eating choices and provided me with an improved outlook on nutrition. The class was informational, collaborative and fun. Thanks to Miriam and Food Foundations, I’ve made lifestyle changes that were easy to incorporate into my day without being disruptive.


So, you’re interested in the course, but maybe something’s stopping you from taking the plunge. It’s normal to have reservations -- in fact, I’d be surprised if you didn’t! But remember, your doubts don’t always have your best interest in mind. I’ve listed some of the most common mental blocks I encounter with clients, and given advice on how to change your mindset and embrace the amazing transformation this course can help you undergo.


Reason #1: The issues I’m dealing with aren’t that bad - I don’t have weight loss goals, and everyone feels kind of bloated and worn out, right?

Our brains will do anything to convince us to stay with what we know, even if we aren’t feeling great, because we’re wired to equate familiarity with safety. We know the space we’re operating in, so we’re comfortable staying exactly where we are, even if it’s not serving our wellbeing.

But when we start to raise the bar, to think about making big, potentially permanent changes, our minds freak out and try to convince us to stay put. After all, we don’t know what’s on the other side of this journey -- even if it is a positive shift. To your brain, all change is scary because it involves a certain degree of risk.

The truth is, improving your health habits now can save you a lot of suffering down the line. A lot of people feel sicker than they realize - especially when it comes to seemingly random symptoms that aren’t obviously connected (acne, indigestion, anxiety, distractibility, etc). Simply being ‘disease free’ isn’t the gold standard we should accept for health, and these ‘minor’ issues are actually signs that our bodies are out of balance. It’s possible, and actually pretty simple to bring them back to equilibrium. And you’ll feel brighter, healthier and more energetic as a result.

#2: You want to join, but you don’t want to feel married to a meal plan

OMG, me neither!! No one wants to be married to a meal plan and feel like they can never eat out.

This program is about empowering you to make food choices that help you feel and look your best, whether you’re at home, traveling, or socializing. Nights out - and nights in (delivery, anyone?) - are definitely on the menu.

During the program, you’ll receive an optimal food plate structure, which will allow you the flexibility and freedom to eat well wherever you go, without the rigidity of a meal plan (though there is one included, in case you need it).


#3: You’ve already tried ‘everything’ but nothing works for you - why should this one be the answer?

Knowing what to do and actually practicing it are two very different things.

This course teaches you the exact strategies you’ll need to implement for success so that healthy choices become part of your lifestyle rather than another diet.

#4: You barely feel like you have the time and energy to get dressed in the morning - let alone commit to this process.

You’re busy - I get it.

But here’s the tough love moment: your health is an investment. If you want to see any sort of change, you need to be doing something DIFFERENT than you’re already doing. The energy and thought you put into what you eat and how you take care of yourself now will come back 10-fold in the form of increased energy, confidence and empowerment.

In my experience, this investment is priceless, and I think you’ll find that life actually becomes more efficient when we’re feeling and thinking our best.

This course can also be completed at your own pace throughout the month.While I encourage you participate in the live Wednesday evening webinars so you can ask questions and engage with other students, I also recognize that conflicts are sometimes inevitable. All classes will be recorded so you can watch / listen at your convenience.

Wanna kick-start your health?


You are at a powerful crossroads right now

You can continue down the path you’re on - ignoring small symptoms until they intensify into something more serious (autoimmune disease from gut problems, heart disease or diabetes from weight issues), or you can choose a different path: one where you exercise your awareness, begin to shift your habits and step into a place where you feel aligned, strong, and energized.

There really is no better time than now to make the change. By simply committing to the process you are unlocking the potential for your health. After all you deserve to live in a body that’s vibrant, confident and empowered; you deserve to feel and look your best, every day.


What if I don’t want to lose weight - is this still for me?

Absolutely! You do not need to have weight loss goals to join this course. In fact, we will go through strategies for weight maintenance and weight gain when appropriate, in addition to weight loss.

Is this class appropriate for pregnant women or nursing moms?

Yes and no. While I would love to have you in class, the needs of pregnant and nursing moms are slightly different, and these topics will not be covered in class. However, Food Foundations does offer a wonderful framework for learning how to eat well in general, and these lessons can be applied to pregnancy and post-natal nutrition. If you decide to enroll, I recommend that you also work with your natal healthcare provider to ensure all your nutritional needs are met.

what is the total time commitment?

Each unit has a learning component and an action plan.

Each lesson is around 30-70 minutes total of video content. Past students have spent ~30-45 minutes on the worksheets and writing exercises.

The amount of time you spend in the kitchen is totally up to you. While some students genuinely enjoy cooking and spend 10-20 hours per week in the kitchen, we also cover strategies to save time and meal prep in 2.5 hours or less. I find this essential for folks with busier schedules!

Is there live support and accountability?

Miriam will be hosting Monthly office hours where you have the ability to ask your questions and meet other Food Foundations students.

I have special health care needs and am currently on medications - is this appropriate for me?

Yes! The Food Foundations course focuses on dietary and lifestyle factors that help improve your health - something we can all benefit from, especially if you’re struggling with an imbalance. However, some medical conditions require a specific diet, and some medications have nutrient interactions you need to be aware of before following the program. If in doubt, it’s always wise to consult with your medical practitioner.

What are the prices and payment options?

Your investment for the course is $249 (prices increase in September!) I’m offering this course at a lower price point than many other functional nutrition programs because I believe that access to good information on nutrition is of the utmost importance, and we should all know how to eat properly.

What if I don’t love it?

I truly believe in this course and its contents, and am confident it will give you the tools, motivation, and knowledge you’ll need to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and permanently improve your relationship with food.