Food Foundations

Welcome to Food Foundations - the functional nutrition course you’ve been waiting for!

Coming Summer 2019!

Navigating your health can be overwhelming, confusing and frustrating! That is exactly why I created this course. Think of it like the health class you never had - it is designed to teach you how your body functions and how the food you eat affects both your physiology and your functionality.

Food is some of the most healing medicine and can help us thrive in every aspect of our lives.

This course is your
guide to wellness …

Unit 1: Healing with whole foods


What causes inflammation and disease in the body? We’ll get to the root dietary triggers keeping you stuck in a cycle of imbalance. This unit helps you uncover underlying causes to your bloating, digestive issues, skin problems, fatigue and pain. We cover strategies for weight loss (if that’s your thing) and what foods to avoid for achieving optimal health.

This unit helps you connect with your higher motivators (beyond just body weight) to make this journey more exciting and sustainable and different than past nutrition programs that you’ve tried.

Unit 2: What to eat for optimal health

Learn what foods make you feel great and craft your optimal food plate - whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian, or vegan. Get meal strategies for weight loss, snack ideas, brand recommendations and practical tips to reinforce healthy habits.

We break down the strategy of exactly how to eat so that you can make empowering choices - you don’t need to follow a meal plan to eat well.

Unit 3: Strategies for success

Set yourself up for success! Learn actionable strategies for staying healthy with a busy schedule kitchen must-haves, and how  to navigate restaurant and takeout menus. You can maintain a social life without losing sight of your goals!

Unit 4: Uncover your cravings and re-write old habitS


Most diets fail because they do not address the underlying reasons WHY we gravitate towards certain foods … I’ve seen it time and time again: you go on a diet, things are going great for a while, something happens and you ‘fall off’, you vow to do better next time, start a new diet and repeat repeat repeat.

But you can break this cycle - and that’s exactly what this unit is about.

Learn to truly nourish your body, break through old food habits and create proactive solutions to make this process engaging, exciting and sustainable.

Unit 5: Turning your diet into a lifestyle

Learn how to liberate and customize your own diet by re-introducing foods we previously eliminated in the course and hone your sense of intuitive eating.

The course is self paced. Each unit is ~30-70 minutes and is designed to be completed over a 5-6 week period, although you can take as long as feels right for you!

Each unit contains video content and contains action steps, interactive worksheets, educational resources, a cooking tool kit and a recipe e-book.

Your Investment: $299.00

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What people are saying about
Food Foundations

“As a health and wellness professional myself, Miriam's course offered me insight and tools to enhance my established ideas about food and nutrition. I was so impressed by her credentials, paired with her innate sense of compassion, and her dedication to providing an informative, non-judgmental space for me to learn and grow with the other participants.”

“My busy schedule makes it hard to prioritize eating healthy. Food Foundations gave me the necessary tools to make better eating choices and provided me with an improved outlook on nutrition. The class was informational, collaborative and fun. Thanks to Miriam and Food Foundations, I’ve made lifestyle changes that were easy to incorporate into my day without being disruptive.”

“You should take Food Foundations if you want to transform how your body feels on a day to day basis - to feel better and more balanced. It was also great to connect to other people who want to grow and be healthy too”