Here's what some people are saying about Miriam



"Before I met Miriam, I had thought I was aware of what was right & wrong for my body but couldn’t understand the weight gain and digestive issues that continued to occur. Miriam was able to explain a comprehensive plan that will eliminate toxic foods, introduce needed vitamins and help with sleep.  Immediately, the weight began falling off, energy levels are back up, restlessness stopped, mood has been more calm & after 6 weeks I’ve lost 20 lbs.  Surfing the web, coming up with your own supplement plan and building a diet can be dangerous if not in the right hands.  Miriam resolved that for me and I can’t thank her enough!"

- Lori O


I found Miriam during my desperate search for help with figuring out the root cause of a laundry list of problems I was having. At the time, I wasn’t sleeping through the night and the sleep I had was restless. I felt extremely stressed out. I was emotionally, physically & mentally fried – It felt like I could never ‘recharge my battery’. My body felt foreign. I was holding on to extra weight especially around my midsection. After every meal I was extremely bloated and uncomfortable and was having intense sugar/carb cravings. It had been over a year since my last menstrual cycle – I just knew my hormones were totally off. I felt like a stranger in my own body and was feeling very depressed and hopeless. Telling Miriam all this during out first session, I almost immediately burst into tears. It truly was such a terrible time in my life and had started to impact every aspect of it.

Very quickly into our first visit, I knew I was in the right place. Miriam instantly understood the problems I was having and began to suggest ways we could start to address them. Together, we started to peel back the layers of what I was feeling and look for underlying causes. Over the course of the next 6 months, Miriam completely changed my life. She helped me identify food sensitivities, address hormone imbalances naturally with proper diet/supplements, introduced me to meditation/visualization techniques for stress reduction and drastically improved my relationship with food and my body. There were physical imbalances that needed to be adjusted, but I really can’t deny the emotional and mental changes she helped me make. Today I feel 180 degrees different than the day I walked in her door. Miriam is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and insightful. I can’t sing her praises enough – I trust her completely and feel so grateful she came into my life."

-Ali H


"I sought help from Miriam when having some digestion and low energy issues (and I hoped to lose a few pounds in the process!)   Her questions and solutions were spot on and her advice, dietary and vitamin regimen have been successful.  Miriam radiates fine health and positive energy and one cannot help but feel confident about the choices she suggests to improve one's own health and attitude. Thanks Miriam! "

-Judy E


"With Miriam’s amazing help, I have begun to better understand the relationship I have with food and the triggers that cause an unhealthy reliance on it. She has been incredibly patient, understanding and even though she acknowledges that weight loss is difficult she motivates me to keep moving towards my goal. It’s been easy to open up to her about issues and problems and there is never a sense of judgement or negativity. I would recommend her to anyone!"

– Katherine C


"My entire adult life, I've struggled with an extra 10 pounds that I would crash diet, lose, and gain back just as fast. I was bloated, tired, and frustrated when I decided to contact Miriam. Miriam not only helped me lose the weight--but through her guidance catered specifically on my lifestyle while keeping in mind my current routine, led me to a life where I think clearly and live more confidently. Miriam was available through email in between appointments and made a goal that always seemed unreachable so accessible and quite frankly--easy due to her extensive knowledge and passion for this field. I am so thankful for the new life Miriam has helped me achieve."

- Maddy S


"I have lost weight on other weight loss programs but have never been able to maintain it. Miriam worked with me to develop a food program that not only allowed me to achieve my weight loss goals but also to develop the tools for a road map for longterm success ."

– Lauren R


"Miriam has been an amazing coach in helping me lose weight, gain confidence, and tackle my food allergies. What I value most about my experience with Miriam is that she pushes you to look beyond calories and food groups. Miriam takes a holistic approach to healthier eating that encompasses mental, physical, hormonal, and lifestyle triggers, which leads to lasting results. Now that I have reached my goals, Miriam has remained available to me making sure I stay on track and helping me adapt my diet when my routines change. I strongly recommend Miriam, she will help you see results and reach your goals."

-Mary L

“Since I started working with Miriam, eight weeks ago, I have lost 15lbs and two dress sizes.  If someone had told me two months ago that I would be in this position, I wouldn’t have believed them. My initial goal was to simply ‘look and feel good’, which I believed could be achieved by losing some weight & eating healthy.

Miriam’s style and approach were realistic and achievable as she partnered with me, educating me on the types of food I should be eating, explaining why, and also helped me create a healthy eating plan that suited my lifestyle.  That’s what I was most impressed about Miriam – she worked within the scope of my personal lifestyle so my eating plan was attainable, for example; helping me select salads from the usual places I visited at lunch so I felt comfortable sticking to what I knew, but just altering the ingredients.  Furthermore, during every visit, Miriam was just as excited as I was when we saw my weight decrease.  She was very positive and supportive throughout my experience. “

 -Sue H