Sessions are offered either in person in
West Hollywood, CA or virtually via phone or video.


Using functional medicine nutrition, we assess and address the underlying causes for your imbalances. Doing this not only helps relieve symptoms such as digestive problems, depression, cravings, and fatigue, but it does so while optimizing your health.

Nutrition packages that include lab tests and supplement starter packs are also available for purchase here

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me or request a complimentary discovery call here

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Schedule an initial consultation for an individualized plan for guaranteed long term success. The initial consultation is 90 minutes and includes:

  • An assessment of your medical history, current symptoms and nutrient related imbalances.
  • Clarity on why you are experiencing certain symptoms and how to address them.
  • A review of your 24-hour food diary and discuss where you can improve.
  • An action plan on how to start nutrition changes the same day, a customized 3 - day menu and supplement program targeted to your  unique health goals.

Your Investment: $325

Both in person (West Hollywood, CA) and virtual sessions are available.

Ongoing support is what will help you actualize your goals. If you wanted to get fit, you wouldn't go to the gym once - the same principle can be applied to your nutrition goals. 

You have the option to book either a single session, or purchase five sessions and get one free.

Book a Single Follow-Up

If you have bought a package and would like to schedule your next consultation, please follow the link above and add in your unique package code upon scheduling.


Book a Package of 6

(Purchase 5 sessions, get one free)

Valid for 6 months after purchase



Please note that Every Body Bliss is out-of-network and does not directly accept insurance. If you would like to independently apply for insurance reimbursement, a super bill with insurance codes is available upon request.

Monthly payment plans are available upon request.

Some tests are unavailable in New York State.