Sessions are offered either in person in
West Hollywood, CA or virtually via phone or video.


Consultations are tailored to help you achieve your health goals in the quickest and most sustainable way. We will work together to identify and resolve underlying imbalances leading to stubborn fat, digestive pain, bloating, depression, cravings and fatigue.

The initial consultation includes a comprehensive nutritional assessment, during which we will create a solid foundation for your nutrition and lifestyle program.

During follow-up sessions, we will work through emotional, behavioral and metabolic blocks that are keeping you from your health goals.

If you have any questions and would like to speak prior to scheduling a session, please email me or request a complimentary discovery call here.

Initial Consultation.jpg

Schedule an initial consultation for an individualized plan for guaranteed long term success. The initial consultation is 90 minutes and includes:

  • An assessment of your medical history, current symptoms and nutrient related imbalances.
  • Clarity on why you are experiencing certain symptoms and how to address them.
  • A review of your 24-hour food diary and discuss where you can improve.
  • An action plan on how to start nutrition changes the same day, a customized 3 - day menu and supplement program targeted to your  unique health goals.

Your Investment: $325


A customized nutrition program, designed just for you. Please note that testing and supplements will cost additional.

What you get: 1.5 months of nutrition counseling that includes

  • One 90-minute initial consultation (see above for details) and two 45-minute follow-up sessions

Total Value: $645
Your investment: $625

The Starter Package is valid for 3 months after purchase date.


Like any worthwhile endeavor, your health journey requires patience and consistency. While I offer both single sessions and packages, I often see those who commit to a program see the best results.

This package is for those of you seeking serious results. It includes:


  • Three months of nutrition counseling, including one initial consultation and six 45-minute follow up sessions
  • A food sensitivity report in order to fully customize your nutrition strategy
  • A supplement starter pack including a protein powder and multivitamin, picked just for you

Total Value: $1759
Your Investment: $1524 (or 3 monthly payments of $508)

Shipping costs may apply for long distance clients.

Fully Committed package is valid for 6 months after purchase date.

Ongoing support is what will help you actualize your goals. If you wanted to get fit, you wouldn't go to the gym once - the same principle can be applied to your nutrition goals. 

You have the option to book either a single session, or purchase five sessions and get one free.

Book a Single Follow-Up

If you have bought a package and would like to schedule your next consultation, please follow the link above and add in your unique package code upon scheduling.


Book a Package of 6

(Purchase 5 sessions, get one free)

Valid for 6 months after purchase



Please note that Every Body Bliss is out-of-network and does not directly accept insurance. If you would like to independently apply for insurance reimbursement, a super bill with insurance codes is available upon request.

Monthly payment plans are available upon request.

Some tests are unavailable in New York State.