Through one-on-one counseling we will identify and resolve underlying physical and emotional imbalances.

Balance begins from the inside out – so whether the problem be from the diet, thoughts, behaviors or even from the metabolism we work to optimize your health so you can live the best version of yourself. My approach is structured so that you will achieve this in the fastest and most sustainable way.



Your food should be working with you rather than against you, which is why I don’t believe in crash diets, diet foods, calorie counting and meal replacements. These methods leave you hungry.  They steal your energy and don’t show results. There is a more intelligent way to eat, nourish and uplift yourself; to not only achieve the weight you want but to do so in a way that is balanced, energizing and sustainable.

The work I do and the results I see confirm that nutrition is the foundation to a happy and healthy life. Working with whole foods and functional nutrients, we can create balance and to help heal the body. I view the body as interconnected system. Symptoms like fatigue, bloating and anxiety arise when there are underlying physical and biochemical imbalances. Conventional medicine addresses symptoms individually and uses medication to mask the problem, rather than finding and correcting the root cause. For example, if you sit on a tack the most effective way to reduce the pain is to pull out the tack rather than taking ibuprofen to numb the pain. Your symptoms provide cues to underlying imbalances. Identifying these patterns helps to guide which systems need the most support to help you achieve your most pressing health concerns. 

We must be celebrated for our differences! Every person’s body has a unique genetic makeup, metabolism and nutritional requirements.  This is why we perform what we call functional medicine testing. These tests help assess gastrointestinal and adrenal function as well as organic acid tests that evaluate nutritional imbalances help customize programs in order to optimize results. 

Mind & Spirit

An integral part of helping create physical balance is to dive into the inner workings of the mind. Our physical health and food choices affect our mood and psychological health. In fact, 90 percent of the body’s serotonin (the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter) is formed in the gut. Imbalances in digestive health compromise our psychological happiness. 

This concept is bi-directional. Our thought patterns also affect our food choices and our outlook on life. Improving the quality of foods in our diet lays the foundation for creating shifts in the mind.  My philosophy is to not only help you adjust your food choice and create new habits, but to also work to identify the life events and triggers that have created your previous habits.  It is essential to understand the deep layers of our belief system in order to create transformation and lasting changes. Replacing beliefs that are limiting with empowering ones will spur a radical change.  These changes will free space for you to explore your passions, to become more creative and find utmost joy in your lives and within your relationships. 


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