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Candida overgrowth may be responsible for your digestive imbalances, fatigue and sugar cravings.

See for yourself! Download the quiz to see if a yeast overgrowth is wreaking havoc on your gut.

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Balance begins inside

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My name is Miriam Jacobson, MS, RD, CNS, CDN. I am a clinical dietitian and use functional medicine  as the foundation to best assess and understand systematic imbalances that lead to digestive problems, slow metabolism, anxiety and depression.

I understand and empathize with my clients’ stories because I too have suffered. I lost my father at a very young age; the stress that trauma combined with poor eating habits took a terrible toll on my health. I felt bloated, tired and anxious. At age 20 I would lay in bed at night crying from arthritic pains that my doctor told me didn’t really exist. All I wanted was to live in a life where I slept soundly at night and woke up refreshed;  I wanted a body that wasn’t bloated or in pain. I dreamt of feeling light, graceful and healthy. For a long time, I thought that if I ignored the issue it would miraculously disappear. This was not the case. Healing myself challenged me to redefine the relationship I had with myself, my grief and with food. At the heart of this transformation was building my self worth.  Once I truly valued myself it empowered me to treat my body with love and care. I can help you to do the same.




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