Where Do Sugar Cravings Come From?


Our relationship to food has shifted and changed so much in the past few decades (from fat free > carb free > paleo > keto) - it’s made the simple question of what to eat more confusing than ever.

Whether you are looking to improve your digestion, have better energy levels or ramp up fat loss, the most effective thing you can do right now is to evaluate the relationship you have to sugar and refined carbs - because of the potent physical affects these foods have on our body and brains.

While I am not encouraging you to swear off ‘evil’ carbs forever, I am encouraging you to evaluate the relationship you have to them.

When I see people trying to ‘muscle through’ diets, I also see them fall off hard and going in the complete opposite direction.


Humans are super complex and we are so much more to us than just our metabolism - we have beliefs, emotions and habits that affect what we eat and our relationship with food.

Next time you’re going for something sweet - ask yourself: why do I gravitate towards (fill in the blank) foods??

Asking this question was a personal game changer for me - it helped me understand and connect with my cravings, which not only helped me feel less guilty about the food I was eating, but it also led me to make more aligned choices.

Our cravings are complex and you might not always know the answer to that question. This is why I thought it would be helpful to share insights on why we crave carbs and sugar - because awareness really is the first step to creating a massive shift in your relationship to food.

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