When You Need to Gain Perspective


Clearing up physical space in your home can create clarity and set the stage for making other changes in your life. Because de-cluttering your space feels so good – it almost parallels on eating clean and detoxing the body because it incites so much mental clarity and recharges your emotional energy.

I have lived in the same apartment for nearly six years – this is very rare for New Yorkers who often consider this an eternity. I feel so lucky to have a home but have also accumulated a lot of stuff because of it. Although I don’t consider myself a particularly materialistic person I still find it hard to release my physical things.

It wasn’t until I started clearing out my physical space that I had an epiphany. My clothing and trinkets were a way for me to hold onto the past. But holding onto these items was also a way of holding me back. Perhaps not in a monumental way, but my physical things were almost like my metaphoric baggage propped up on my shelf. Sometimes is best to release those things and move on.

Because you have to create space to discover new opportunities.

Physical things won’t bring the happy memories back, no matter how hard we try. That T-shirt from college that you never wear won’t make you 19 again, nor will that shot glass you bought in Jamaica take you back to the beach and laid back vibes. But releasing these items and creating literal space on your shelf also helps de-clutter your thoughts and bring more clarity and peace of mind.

Springtime is such a natural time to focus on the beauty of transitions. Allow this to serve as a reminder to move forward and grow into the person that you want to become rather than who have been in the past. Let this idea transcend the physical aspects of spring-cleaning and think about how this can also be energetically applied to your life.

Is it possible to ‘spring clean’ old thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back? I play with this idea a lot and wrote a blog post about it if you are interested – check out the magic power of your thoughts here

But what I’ve given you today is a tool to recharge your mental energy and to set the stage for digging deeper. Sometimes creating physical beauty is a way to remind us that we should be checking back in with our goals once in a while. What do you want to manifest more of in your life? Is it better health? Attracting a lover? Or maybe is more of a way of being – like becoming more graceful and elegant?  

Having this vision in mind as you clean makes it easier to release the physical things that you’ve been holding on to for too long. After all, you deserve to live the best and most full version of yourself!

I hope you enjoy cleaning!