All journeys have a beginning and I’m so glad that you have found mine! If you have found me you may or may not know who I am, so please let me introduce myself.


My name is Miriam Jacobson, RD CDN. I am a clinical dietitian/nutritionist and work with clients is to help them find physical balance and mental clarity through exploring underlying issues that are triggering their symptoms. If you want to learn more about the work I do, please feel free to read more here.


Although my main focus is nutrition, I am passionate and curious about the world around me. I love to cook and eat good food, which means that exploring NYC’s most delicious (and healthiest) restaurants is a priority for me - I call this “field research” ;) I love to travel and find that the tastes and flavors on our plate make life, relationships and love a richer experience.


Through this blog I hope to shed my invisible layers that have kept me hidden (under a mound of textbooks) for the last 8 years! Here you will not only find recipes, but you will also begin to dive into how food, mood and behavioral patterns are deeply connected. We will discuss how to engage in our world in a healthy and sustainable way through movement, mindfulness and spirituality.


And of course, I want to write about topics that interest you! So if there’s anything missing or something you are itching to hear about, please leave a comment and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter below.    




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