Want to have your healthiest thanksgiving ever?


Happy thanksgiving friends!!!

As this week marks the official start to the holidays I want to take a moment to get intentional about the way we are starting this time of year.

I see the same trend every year - many people hitting ‘pause’ on their health with the intention of ‘restarting’ in the New Year. If this is what you were planning on doing, I want to challenge you. Because I know you can do better than that.

The trick to staying healthy over the holidays is starting with your mindset.

I see those with the intention of letting loose over the holidays (to deal with their health later) feel regretful and heavy at the end of the season. But I also see that people who enter the holidays with balance and consciousness are able to enjoy and indulge without feeling sick, tired and bloated at the end.

The goal? Enjoy it without going overboard.

My best three pieces of advice to make sure you enjoy yourself without having food regrets are:

#1: Listen to your body’s hunger and fullness signals. If you’re full after your first helping of food but are still reaching for seconds, I challenge you to pause. It sounds obvious but our brains are really good at tricking us to think we want more when our body says stop. It’s ok - the less you eat now, the more leftovers you can enjoy later.

#2: Have healthy foods / options on hand. Even though I love traditional thanksgiving treats, I like to make sure I set my environment up in a way that also grants me access to healthy foods. If you’re hosting thanksgiving this year, create a buffet style meal (so you physically need to get up for seconds) and have a ton of veggie sides that double as delicious leftovers. Try this pomegranate-squash salad or these crispy brussels sprouts.

#3: There are always healthier alternatives to desserts - I’ve seen so many ‘unhealthy’ ingredients in recipes like condensed milk and crisco - but we’re no longer stuck in the 60s and there are so many healthier ingredients that can get you very similar results. Sit down with your beloved family recipes and find healthier ingredient subs - or if you’re open to something new, try these crustless pumpkin minis.

The added bonus of all of this is that you not only end up feeling better at the tail-end of the holidays, but you also inspire your loved ones to make more conscious choices as well.

Happy thanksgiving and bon appetit!