Transformation & The Magic Power of Thoughts


Our thought process has incredible power when we are trying to set goals and make big life changes. It is so easy to create excuses and convince yourself to stay in your comfort zone. I mean, how many times have you told yourself that you will start __________ tomorrow? Excuses creep up no matter who we are, where we’re coming from or what we’re trying to accomplish.

These types of thought patterns keeps us stuck in bad habits – maybe for you this feels like you’re stuck in an eating pattern, feel that the couch is an easier and safer option than the gym or maybe you feel trapped in unhealthy personal relationships or in jobs that are no longer aligned with your goals.

Excuses keep us from reaching our full potential.

Why does this happen so much? What is holding us back from being the most fabulous version of ourselves and living the life we both want and deserve? Because the idea of change can be really scary – we get stuck in habits and give ourselves a million excuses on why we shouldn’t change or why we don’t deserve to.

Listen to your what your mind and body are communicating to you – is the feeling in your gut leading you in a different direction than your mind?

Instead, what if you focused on what you are inviting into your life? Dreaming can feel a little bit far-fetched, but focusing on what you are inviting into your life is much more inspiring than focusing on how hard the process will be. Think about it, would you rather give up sugar after you think about how hard it will be to eliminate your nightly cookie routine, or if you think about how graceful and free you will feel once you’ve overcome that dependency?

You can begin changing the how you frame your thoughts now – and in doing so you can transform this process into an exciting journey. That’s how to make a transformational process feel magical.  

You deserve happiness, success and beauty in your life. And sometimes that means doing the work.

If you read this and something registered but you are already convincing yourself that it isn’t worth it, I’m challenging you to listen to that tiny voice. Listening (and following through) helps to strengthen our intuition.  No matter how silly or outrageous it may feel right now. Write it down and dream a little bit.

We need to have a destination before we can embark on any journey.