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What a Nutritionist Eats (... aren't you just a little curious?)

As a nutritionist you might think I eat healthy all the time, but that’s not always the case.

I feel that the pressure of being perfect all the time - thinking of the diet as ‘all or nothing’ - is really overwhelming.

I also find that this type of pressure mentally takes its toll and steals the joy from eating (and joy is a huge part of eating!!) …

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Coconut, Lime, Cilantro Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice isn’t one of those things that you really need a recipe for. It’s pretty simple, really: buy pre-crumbled cauliflower (or rice your own in the food processor, if you’re feeling inspired), saute in oil on the stove top, spice it up, and boom - you’re done.

But if you want to up-level your cauliflower rice skills, try this recipe that I have adapted from Against all Grain.

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