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Want to have your healthiest thanksgiving ever?

As this week marks the official start to the holidays I want to take a moment to get intentional about the way we are starting this time of year.

I see the same trend every year - many people hitting ‘pause’ on their health with the intention of ‘restarting’ in the New Year. If this is what you were planning on doing, I want to challenge you. Because I know you can do better than that.

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Crispy Maple Brussels Sprouts

It took me so long to fall in love with brussels sprouts. The things we pick up as a kid can be pretty funny - I remember my mom joking about how stinky they were and so I remember hating them before I even tried them. When I finally dug in, I was totally surprised and a little upset…

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Crustless Pumpkin Minis

For years I had been searching for a good pumpkin pie recipe and would stitch it together at the last moment, which is either a total win or a complete fail.

The recipe I present to you is not exactly “pumpkin pie”, but its damn delicious, tastes like warmed pumpkin pie pudding and actually pretty clean.

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