Healthy Holiday Gift Guide


I woke up in a panic last night because I realized that I hadn't bought ANY of my holiday gifts yet. How does fly so quickly? It's the first year my family is doing a gift exchange, which means I only have to buy one gift, but I also have to fill out my own wish list. Something I I've never done before and is much harder than I thought it would be. 

If you're like me and you're either struggling with what to put on your own wish list OR what to get that healthy friend or family member - look no further. Find my 2016 favorites below.


Class Pass Membership

Class pass has been one of my favorite indulgences of 2016. If its available in your city, it's a phenomenal way to get back into your work out groove while discovering new studios and meeting new people. Memberships are now based on number of classes. Prices vary depending on your city (check here). 


Food Dehydrator

This might be the perfect present for the cook that has every other kitchen appliance. Affordable and useful - just make sure you have enough storage space. You can make anything from beef jerky to raisins and apple and kale chips. I recommend the Presto Dehydrator - comes with expandable trays and a timer. $57 on amazon.


Membership to Thrive Market

A membership to thrive market means great food all year round. You pay a yearly membership fee and get discounts on healthy and sustainable brands. It's also a perfect gift if you're looking to give back to the community. Thrive supports low income families and increases their access to healthy and affordable foods. $60 per year. 


The Spiralizer

Got nutrition goals? This spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets because it makes your standard salad much more exciting. Zucchini noodles feel like pure magic. You might even fool your kids into thinking your squash noodles are really pasta. $40 on amazon.


Moon Juice Swag

For the wellness junkie that already has it all. Amanda Chantel Bacon, Moon Juice's founder is a chef, lifestyle leader and food educator, just published her first cookbook. The Moon Juice Cookbook is filled with functional foods and alchemy secrets - a new staple in your kitchen. Her beauty and brain dusts are also a fantastic gift that keeps on giving. $20-30.


Essential Oils

Purified essential oils with too many applications to even list. They're great as an infusion but can also be used internally and topically - anything from relaxation and sleep aides to mood boosting benefits. Check out DoTerra's essential oil starter kit - with lavendar, lemon and peppermint. $22.00 on amazon.


Slow Cooker

Great for the cook who never seems to have enough time in the kitchen. Pop ingredients in the morning >> you get a delicious meal at night. Everyone wins. I like this Hamilton Beach slow cooker because it has a temperature probe, which can be hard to find. $49 on amazon.